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You've heard Chubby tell many hundreds if not thousands of Jokes, well now's your chance to give us a laugh at Chubbys World.

We've all heard Chubbys jokes so give us some new and original ones ;-)

To view the Jokes already left by others simply click on the open book icon below, or you can leave one of your own by filling out the form.

From the administrator

This is only the second time that Admin has posted on this joke site in the ten years that it has been running. There will not be another posting over this matter, and we will not enter into a debate about it.

There has been much talk about censorship on this site recently. Generally there is no censorship and with over 9,000 jokes covering every subject that you care to mention that is evident. It is right that we can find and enjoy humour in all aspects of life, but humour is subjective and a balance has to struck.

There are however some jokes that have and will continue to be removed:

Two-thirds of the jokes that are removed contain extra material that is nothing to do with the joke itself e.g it contains general chit chat, personal abuse directed at other individuals, groups or classes of people - these will continue to be removed.

Some jokes contain personal preferences (including in the name/email address) such as which football team is best - these will continue to be removed. If you wish to 'discuss football matters please find yourself a football site.

On occasions world events occur where at the time we consider it inappropriate to post jokes about the subject (the two occasions that this has occurred was 9/11 and the recent London bombings). Usually some time after the event the jokes will be allowed.

Jokes that are really not funny e.g "What do you do if you see a nigger walking towards you with only half a head. Reload, take aim and fire again". We have lost count as to the number of times that this joke and variations of this joke have been removed - these will continue to be removed. If you really think that this is funny then you are on the wrong site, please find another where others may appreciate your humour.

We receive many more votes of support for the removal of these jokes, than the few who whinge about it. If you do not agree with the policy then please find another site.

To those who do visit the site regularly and act responsibly, continue to enjoy.


We are considering making the jokebook a membership only feature - what do people think about that?

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