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The last (and last) version released through this site was 1.13 (08-Mar-2004)


SiteMatch is a utility written by Dave Edwards to synchronise your uploaded website with a local copy (from your filing system) so that they are the same. It will tell you what files have been added, changed, deleted or are unaltered since you last updated your site. Have a look at the screen shot here.

Even though it is not an ftp program in itself, it will allow you to update your site automatically via sFTP (please use version 0.46), or FTPc (which needs to be version 1.29 or above). It will even set the permissions on your perl scripts for you, whilst you go away and have a cup of tea :)


This program is now supported and further developed by Richard Porter. Please visit his site here. My grateful thanks goes to Richard for continuing to support the application.


All correspondence should now be directed to Richard via his site.


If you wish to contact me you may do so at the following email address gash @ dave-edwards.com